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We would like to tell you about our mission and seek your support of the work the Rural Journalism Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit, has started. It’s personal to all of us working on behalf of RJISLV and we hope our efforts will inspire you to come along on the journey.


The goal of the Rural Journalism Institute-San Luis Valley is twofold:


Help young people growing up in the San Luis Valley and other neighboring small communities find the training and experience to build careers as digital journalists. The Rural Journalism Institute does this through in-school engagement with local high schools and their media programs and through summer internships.


Expose working journalists, college students, and other aspiring writers in urban settings to the daily life of small towns by working with the Rural Journalism Institute through subject-focused fellowships.


The work produced through the Rural Journalism Institute is published on and its affiliated social media platforms and YouTube Channel. Alamosa Citizen was founded in 2021 by Zepol Media Partners, LLC and is moving into its third full year of digital community news publishing. 


The combination of digital news training in a rural setting and the publishing of content created through the Rural Journalism Institute to a community news site is a unique arrangement in the effort to restore community and local news.


The RJISLV is fortunate to have the support of the Trinchera Blanca Foundation and is working to gain the interest and investment from similarly-minded individuals and nonprofits who see the value in training a new generation of rural-based journalists.


We ask for your support to help reach more students and to provide more opportunities for young people growing up in small towns, so they have the same opportunities that their peers in larger settings are provided.


We believe the Rural Journalism Institute of the San Luis Valley is worthy of investment and support.


We hope you feel the same.

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